Inspection Services

Radiographic Testing

We maintain the capability to mobilize at anytime to meet your X-ray needs regardless of location.

 This includes the ability to perform:

  • Conventional Radiography( X-Ray)

Magnetic Particle Testing

Each unit is equipped with a calibrated Magnetic Yoke and generator.

  • Wet Mag
  • Dry Mag
  • Fluorescent
Ultrasonic Thickness Testing

Each unit is equipped with a calibrated, digital ultrasonic thickness gauge. 

Positive Material Identification

Identifying chemistry of materials.

  • OES
  • XRF

Ultrasonic Shearwave Flaw Detection

We offer this method of inspection for many applications including pipeline welds and structural beams.

Liquid Penetrant Testing

Each mobile unit is equipped with solvent removable, visible dye penetrant.  Per specification, we also have the ability to perform water-washable or fluorescent penetrant testing.

Other Services
  • CWI Inspector
  • API Inspector
  • NACE Inspector
  • ASNT Level III Consulting