About Us

PWTT was founded by a group of quality control specialists who collectively desired to offer welding candidates an opportunity to achieve a top- level certification utilizing superior equipment with a state of the art testing and training facility.

Precision Weld Test and Training is designed as a combination of hands-on welding experience and classroom theory. A great way to learn welding for all levels of experience. Our services account for many individual skill levels, from the beginner to the advanced welder. Welding is a skill to be developed, and at PWTT, we focus on individual practice to attain that skill. 

Our vision is to become the leading weld testing and training facility that can meet and exceed not only the needs of the Chemical & Petrochemical industry, but all inquiries that involve the art of welding and fusion. 

Safety, efficiency, and quality are our only measures of success. If a welder feels like their time was wasted in our lab, then we feel we have failed them as a company. Our commitment to safety and excellence is the driving force behind our willingness to serve every one of our customers to the best of our abilities. 

Our Mission

PWTT strives to address the ever-growing workforce demands of the Gulf South Region by providing top quality weld testing and training services to all industrial, commercial, and residential welding candidates while maintaining a consistent commitment to safety.


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